About Us

State of the Art Metallurgy: Tecnika Saray S.A. - 35 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Técnika Saray S.A. designs, manufactures and develops high quality equipment linking metallurgical and metal-mechanical processes, automating them according to your requirements, supplying products, services and solutions adjusted to the industry.

Metallurgical Excellence from its Roots: Tecnika Saray S.A. - Pioneers in Innovation and Quality for more than 3 decades.

Tecnika Saray was born from the experience acquired in the 80s as a result of a policy of the national government with which several industrial projects were decentralized with which together with the acquisition of equipment were accompanied with the technology for its operation, which generated expertise that allowed us to develop and improve from this.

A bit of history

At the beginning of our activities more than 21 years ago, we have contributed to the start-up, development and growth of industries that rely on our products that with the experience and accompaniment in their different stages guarantee the fulfillment of their expectations in these processes that involve the handling of non-ferrous metals.

We have developed and implemented equipment and substantial improvements in the processes that transform non-ferrous metals, based on the premise of not sophisticating the simple, reducing costs in equipment and processes, therefore our proposals have much to do with the environment that affects each industry of our customers.